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The Dog With The Book In Her Hair - Book By Pippa WhiteWe are proud to announce that Pippa White's fabulous new book The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair is due to feature in a two page spread in Cotswold Life's August 2019 edition.

The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair is a book about the many rescue Lurchers Pippa has owned and known, as well as numerous other animals of all species - cats, rats, bats, frogs, newts, mice, robins, seagulls, and so many more.

Written in an anecdotal style, you will be transported to a magical world and will soon be laughing with joy at many of the tales in the book.

Kindle Edition

You can order the Kindle edition of The Dog With The Wind In Her Hair on Amazon by clicking here.

Paperback Edition

The paperback edition of The Dog With the Wind In Her Hair is exclusively available on Amazon and can be ordered by clicking here.


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